The UIM is committed to the highest standards of conduct in sport administration and competition. To meet this commitment, the UIM has developed a Code of Ethics to express the core values of both the organisation and the sport of Powerboating. Such values and ethics underpin the UIM’s policies, procedures and rules. Observance of the code is vital to the integrity of Powerboating. The UIM Code of Ethics is inspired to the ethical principles of the Olympic Movement of which the UIM is member.

The UIM Code of Ethics comprises five pillars. It imposes obligations in terms of respect and responsibility to competitors, teams, promoters, participants and all other UIM accredited persons.

This Code shall apply to all UIM members (either national federation or any other similar affiliated entity), UIM staff, persons elected or appointed to any position within the organization of the UIM or the Continental Organizations, and other individuals engaged in UIM activities, including drivers, competitors, team managers, team members etc. (collectively referred to herein as “Participants”). It shall also apply to consultants and contractually-connected persons/firms, including those representing or serving UIM.

Unless otherwise specified, infringements are punishable regardless of whether they have been committed deliberately or negligently.

Acts amounting to attempted infringements are also punishable. In the case of acts amounting to attempted infringements, the Executive Committee may reduce the sanction envisaged for the actual infringement accordingly. It will determine the extent of the mitigation as it sees fit; it shall not go below the general lower limit of the fine applicable to the concerned infringement.

The fact that a natural person is not anymore a member of the UIM or has left a member of the UIM neither cancel out liability nor prevents from carrying out disciplinary proceedings. The same provision applies to legal persons members of the UIM.