About Us - Alpe Adria Jet Ski Tour


  • Back in 2004, jet sport representatives of the region gathered at the creation of new ideas that could bring the jet ski sport even closer to the sporting masses.
  • Hrvatska, Slovenija, Austrija – were founders of the ALPE ADRIA CUP.
  • Concidering that this part of Europe is very rich with quality jet ski shot, which started to crumble because of the increasing impact of the crisis on the financing of the sport, it was decided to establish a single "Champions" in which will compete all competitors in the region, with idea that each national association will take from cumulative results the points for their competitors and include it in National Championship for that season.
  • Benefit of this system is that the races held a large number of entrants.
  • Therefore competitors has become more interesting to travel to new locations in the neighboring countries, but with greatly reduced costs.
  • Over the years, ALPE ADRIA CUP has established herself as the only serious organized European competition in which competitors from outside the region are increasingly participating.
  • The quality of the drivers and organizations, has set ALPE ADRIA CUP at the top of the wishes and priorities of the majority of European jet athletes.
  • This year, due to the increasing mass, the "CUP" renamed "TOUR" across the Alpe Adria region, which is due to geographical position of countries become extremely interesting to all members - from several aspects:
    • The first is an exceptional road links to the site competition, which severely affects the economic status of the competitors themselves.
    • The second is a unique naturally beautiful and interesting locations (Slovenia - on the river, Austria - the lake and the Croatia - on the Adriatic coast) drawn contestants to "participate with a sense of belonging," which in many cases result in a return to the location and outside competition terms.
  • It is this second aspect that is a remarkable tourist asset where we try to present each race site as a unique.

    • Jet ski sports during his 20 years of activity in this part of Europe, has attracted many enthusiasts, but also promoted a new kind of entertainment in ALPE ADRIA REGION and then throughout Europe.
    • As one of the fastest expanding sectors of sport in the 90ties, jet sport has become and still remains a must during the summer recreation season.
    • Many have tried and largely remained loyal to this branch of moto nautical sport, but all within their possibilities.
    • Credit and leasing lines in the 90ties helped many enthusiasts to have expanded opportunities and thus achieve childhood dreams.
    • The biggest enthusiasts of them, gathered around the clubs and associations and through the competition meet their needs for speed, agility, tactical outwitting... And all packed with sun and sea.
    • Over the years, jet skis become more technologically advanced, have introduced a new (four-stroke) engines. Consequently the prices of vessels become higher and heavier accessible to customers. With good "support“ of the crisis, which resulted in smaller sales of the new units, ....meaning less competitors. Weaker competition. But the desire remained the same.
    • That is why the main goal this year is to continue the recognition of as many jet ski enthusiasts, and to adjust to them a competitive season.
    • Through cross-section of current and potential staff, we set two directions of development of jet sport in this 2013th, which will be through the “ALPE ADRIA TOUR 2013" to unite and promote the fulfillment of their desires and pleasures.
    • These are:
    • Our desire is that through these two shots jet ski athletes to attract a wider mass companions, supporters and spectators who come from their work, familial or friendly milieu, and perhaps so far have not been into any sort of contact with this branch of motor boating. What exactly with this concept of competition has no causal connection with the sport itself and its industry, but has great effect of interest and results.



    • This is a frame that has survived in the competition and during all these years. They are the "software" of jet sport in Alpe Adria region and the great fighters for the prosperity of jet sport. With its high performance at the regional, European and world competitions, they give impetus to the younger generation to start from their jet ski training camps into winning of the first competition points.
    • Their ambitions and emotions, rather related to a classical system of competition in the class CLOSED COURSE. It is a system of competition through a circular path set by the two colors of buoys that mark the corners. Here is where the experience of competition and driving tactics comes to the fore.


    • This is a massive frame and is consider as a "hardware“ of jet sport in Alpe Adria region, because it includes all the owners of Jet Skis which are numberous today, and counts over 4,500.
    • These are mostly business people who have 25-45 years, and after the first season they began to look for a little more adrenaline, and not want to enter into direct duel with an experienced and long-term competitors. After all ... So still do not want to engage, but might like to come up to that level, but the safe way. Through our new competition system, with new classes tailored specifically for this group of athletes and recreational jet pilots, we want to provide them with exactly required adrenaline and competitive spirit.
    • With annual sales of 400ish new units in the region, the jet sport has even in these difficult times proved to be a very interesting aspect of the summer recreation.
    • To be more motivated this year, we continued with the program from 2011. - The races in which the risk of accidents is reduced solely to the level of control the driver. The impact of the second driver is completely eliminated through the system and ENDURANCE RALLY JET-class competition. In those classes, jet pilots are driving longer stages with specific check-points (CP). Is where the experience and sense of control by jet makes advantage equally on quiet and rough seas. These features are by no means deprived of recreational-amateur groups, because in many cases they just spent more time on jets than sports-competition groups, and thus be positioned as much more competitive in this new class of competition.